Transmission Services

Despite regular maintenance, your transmission will eventually need to be rebuilt or replaced.

Transmission Rebuilds

Our full-service shop offers a rebuild or replacement of your transmission to get you back on the road. When we figure out what components are needed for your service, we will give you a free quote on a rebuild or repair.

Automatic and Standard Transmissions

Our technicians have extensive experience with both automatic and manual transmissions. We will inspect, clean and replace all necessary parts and perform critical updates to ensure trouble-free operation.

Constant Velocity

Constant velocity transmissions (CVT) don’t have individual gears like regular automatic transmissions. Instead, they maintain the optimum engine RPM for power and fuel economy. We have the expertise to service your CVT.

Direct Shift Gearbox

Many vehicles are equipped with dual clutch direct shift gearboxes. Our team of experts can service, repair and rebuild these advanced units.

Commercial and High Performance

Looking for more customization? We can build custom transmissions for both commercial and high performance applications.

Mechanic working on car parts on his work bench.
Mechanic assessing the fuel system.

Transmission Support Systems

Transmissions are just one cog in the whole machine of your vehicle. We offer support, regular maintenance, and repair for your whole transmission system to keep things working well together.

Cooling Systems

Cooling system maintenance is essential to the health of your transmission. If the cooling system isn’t working properly, your transmission can overheat. We will inspect the radiator, clutch/electric fans, thermostat, hoses and fluid conditions and repair these systems, if necessary.

Computer Systems

Modern vehicles have multiple complex computer systems. We can test all of the sensors and related wiring, and get to the source of the problem more efficiently with our advanced scanning tools that communicate with the computer systems and check for trouble codes.

Fuel Systems

A malfunctioning fuel system, such as a plugged fuel filter or pump, can affect the way your transmission operates. We have the specialized equipment to diagnose and repair your fuel system.

Ignition Systems

Spark plugs, ignition coils and wires can fail from time to time. This can cause a misfire condition which will reduce engine power and affect the way the transmission shifts. Our team can tune up your engine so this doesn’t happen.

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