Mechanical Services

Honest and reliable expertise paired with affordable, outstanding service. More than just transmissions, our experts at Mountain Transmission are here to help keep you safe on the road with our range of mechanical services.

List of mechanic services

Clutch Services

Our expert technicians are ready to diagnose, repair and service your clutch.

Electrical Diagnostic

Our technicians are equipped with the tools and expertise to diagnose and repair your wiring, computer and charging systems.

Hybrid Vehicles

Have a hybrid? You’re in good hands — we can service and repair your hybrid vehicle.


Planning a getaway or purchasing a new vehicle? Get checked out before you go —we  offer pre-trip, pre-purchase and government inspections.

Transfer Cases

Having difficulty shifting gear? Our team can diagnose, service, repair and rebuild your transfer case.

Driveline Maintenance Services

We are experts in servicing all the fluids in your vehicle — and using the correct, recommended fluid.


A problem with your differential can cause your anti-lock brakes to malfunction if the rear wheel speed sensor fails. We can inspect and repair the components of the differential, including ring and pinion gears, spider gears, carriers, bearings and axles.

Mechanic working on the brake system of a car
Mechanic grabbing tools from this work bench.

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